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Example : Horizontal String Selector

Graphic Object: Horizontal String Selector (HStringSelector)

Name: borneo_VStringSelector
Type: Graphic Object
Author: Julien Coutault
This object allows to select a string with two vertical arrows
Source Code:YES
Use Example:YES


How to Install

screenshot overview

The HStringselector provides a widget which permit to select a string with two arrows (two images). A slider can be use with on other constructor.
The String selected is placed at the top. Below there are the arrows, top (imUp) and down (imDown). And at the bottom, if an other constructor was taken there is the slider.

  • Basic VStringSelector
  • VStringSelector with accurate slider
  • VStringSelector with personal width and height
    personal width
  • VStringSelector with personal slider
    personal slider
  • VStringSelector with modification after creation