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Example : Wifi with ESP8266

Hardware & Software Project : Server Connection with ESP8266 Wifi module

BorneoIce esp8266 project Name: borneo WIFI ESP8622
Type: Hardware & Software Project

Authors: Dan Assayag, Jean-Charles Mulon, Kaloyan Lazarov, Olivier Lengoc, Paul Poulain, Nathanael Singabrayen

This project shows how to connect an ESP8622 Wifi module on the Borneo paltform and transform the Borneo platform as an IOT.
It explains how to create a driver for an UART module and details an API dedicated to communicate with a remote server.
The driver is used in an example application and shows how to get detected SSID, how to connect to a specific network, how to connect a socket, etc.
It includes Kicad sources in order to create an interface board between BorneoIce and ESP8622 Wifi module.
This project also include an Android source code of the example to show that the data are shared on the server.
All sources are used in a functional example with a program running on a remote server.

Borneo Software Source Code (Java-Borneo) : YES
Android Software Source Code (Java-Android) : YES
Server Software Source Code (Java-SE) :YES
Hardware Source Files (Kicad project):YES
Use Example:YES

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This project provides:
    - A Borneo API - for a generic database communication
    - A Borneo API - for generic socket 
    - A Borneo driver for ESP8266 Wifi Module
    - An Android source code of the application which communicate with the server and shares data with Borneo
    - A kicad project which includes all schematics and GERBER file in order to create your own interface board

  • The Borneo Application example shows how to use the API. It gives a simple example of using the ESP8266 driver, the socket API  and the database API. It searchs for available SSID, connects to one of them and communicate with the server. It displays the state of three variables stored in the database. Several client are able to connect to the database and change the variable state.
    BorneoIce ESP8266 Project overview
  • The server source code is an example of database implementation. The server is a simple Java program which shows how to code its own data server. Thus, you can recode the frames in order to be robust (CRC), secured (Authentification), hidden(Encryption) and you can connect your program with a real DataBase such as MySQL, MongoDB, etc. 
    borneo and esp8266 connected together
  • The android application is also an example of client which shares the database with Borneo.
  • The Kicad project includes all schematics needed to realise an interface board between Borneo and the Wifi module.
    Hardware Schematics
  • Reports And Docs explains how every element is working and interact with each other.
    BorneoIce esp8266 documentation