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Borneo Overview


BorneoICE : Java Smart Screen

BorneoICE is a CPU (32 bits processor) module with an integrated TFT color touch display.
It includes configurable GPIOs (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, PWM) in order to connect:

  • Sensors : temperature, voltage, accelerometers, etc. These sensors are usually used to receive data from a system and to control the system.
  • Communication modules (USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, ...). These modules are used to connect the system to Computers, smartphone, tablet or internet (cloud).



Development tools

  • The system does'nt need configuration : it is ready to program. The develpment tool includes several tutorials to build quickly functionnal applications.
  • Programmation language : JAVA. Java has been choosed for its security and its robustness, two features very usefull for embedded or isolated application. It includes:
    • threads
    • timer
    • thread synchronisation
    • memory allocation
    • garbage collector
    • exceptions
  • API : J2ME platform + GUI API + Embedded communication API (GPIO/SPI/...). It includes:
    • The Graphic User Interface includes graphics primitives (display text, images, shapes, ...) and touch data.
    • The embedded communication is a custom API which allow to update the application, configure GPIO, use M2M communication link (SPI,I2C), etc.
  • Development IDE : Eclipse+plugin (Download, Doc & Simulator)
  • Includes a simulator for development without hardware platform.
  • No License
  • Download Link




With its low cost, BorneoIce can be used to integrate a touch screen in an existing equipment or to replace old Black & White LCD screens.

With its CPU, BorneoIce can also be pogrammed to manage process, sensors and engines.

With its low power consumption, BorneoIce can be used to conceive portable embedded systems.

Fonts are displayed with antialiasing in order to display clean and clear Graphic User Interfaces (GUI).




Hardware technical data :

  • Microcontroler BorneoICE (32 bits JAVA processor)
  • FPGA ICE40 (40 nm) Lattice Semiconductor
  • 28 configurables GPIOs TTL 3.3V : GPIO, I2C, SPI
  • 2 PWM 12 bits
  • 1 Uart RS232 TTL/RS422/RS485
  • 1 UART TTL
  • 2 CAN 12 bits
  • 32 Mo SDRAM Memory
  • 8 Mo FLASH Memory
  • 4.3" TFT touch color Display
    • resolution : 480x272
  • Display Backlight controlled by PWM
  • Power Consumption:
    • Board screen off : 320mW
    • Board screen on : 720mW
  • Power: 24 Volts
  • Dim.: 105x68x18 (mm)